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[SOLVED] Business Monitor Alert

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  • [SOLVED] Business Monitor Alert


    Can we send business monitor alert through Agents.

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    Re: Business Monitor Alert

    Hi Anitha,

    Agents allow you to send notifications when certain conditions appear. We have set up quite a few that alert us when an order base was created with wrong information or dates.

    Agents do not work on business monitors but they can share the same Saved Query (in the Agent a collection of Saved Queries makes a Saved Condition).

    Basically you just need to create an Agent for one particular element (Order Base for instance), select the appropriate Event as when "Order Base - Created: INTEGRATION or INTERNAL or USER", create a Saved Condition based on the Saved Queries used in your business monitors and in the action tabs, select the Action Notify Contact, enter a contact a Subject.

    The big downfall is that you will not receive a full report of all the elements (as with the business monitor) but an individual notification for each element.

    If you need a full report you may need to consider using reports instead.

    Hope this helps,

    Alejandro B.


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      Re: Business Monitor Alert

      The basic answer is that you cannot send output from Automation agents to the Business Monitor.

      Automation Agents can be used to notify contacts, or groups of contacts, involved parties etc when a particular event is triggered. In the majority of cases, clients use email as the communication method to do that.

      If you dont want to use email, then you could consider using the OTM Message Center. That is a supported communication method on contacts and the message would be then viewable from within the OTM application for the relevant user. There is a lot of documentation in the online help on configuring the Message Center.