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[SOLVED] From Address Contact

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  • [SOLVED] From Address Contact

    Has anyone ever used this feature in OTM succesfully in for what business scenario?

    I don't understand how OTM can assign a contact to a notification, other than during the tendering process where the LOGISTICS inv party is obviously the sender.

    From Address Contact
    Use the From Address Contact to define the name, email, and fax for a contact. You can then assign the From Address Contact to contacts, involved party qualifiers, and on domain settings. If you defined From Address Contacts on more than one of those levels (contacts, domains, or involved party qualifiers) then the system accepts them in order of precedence. The highest is Contact, then Involved Party Qualifier, and then the Domain. Any of those will override the two properties that enable you to define fax or email addresses: glog.workflow.notify.advisor.fax and

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    Re: From Address Contact

    Except tendering emails will still be sent by LOGISTICS, OTM does what it says in the help:
    If From Address Contact is defined in the Contact, OTM will replace it as FROM when sending notification to the Contact.
    Joseph Liang
    MavenWire APAC


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      Re: From Address Contact

      Thanks Joseph, I'll run some tests to see if it works as designed...


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        Re: From Address Contact

        Tested by Dilip: