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How to create custom child event?

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  • How to create custom child event?

    HI all,

    We have a requirement where we want agent to be triggered only when a particular refnum is modified in the location.

    We were using LOCATION-MODIFIED event. On restrictions page, there is no child event that corresponds to refnum modified event. Can one be created in OTM. If so how?

    Nipun Lakhotia
    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY

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    Re: How to create custom child event?

    If you are talking about particular Refnum, unfortunately, it can not be done.
    However, if you would like to monitor particular field, then you can follow steps in below:
    1. Create a Notify Subject to NOTIFY_SUBJECT table via SQL*Plus. If you would like to use UI via Business Process Automation > Communication Management > Contact Notification, you need to enable New button in NOTIFY_SUBJECT (public) screen set.
    2. Create an Agent Event via Business Process Automation > Power Data > Event Management > Agent Events, and make sure ALL fields are entered and Modification Event is ticked.
    3. Create a record to AGENT_EVENT_TABLE_MAPPING table via SQL*Plus
    4. Create a record to AGENT_EVENT_COLUMN_MAPPING table via SQL*Plus
    5. Restart OTM
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      Re: How to create custom child event?

      I believe I have a solution for the OP's request.

      We had a similar requirement, where we wanted to trigger an action based on a Shipment refnum being added or changed. My solution was to create an Agent to listen for Shipment - Modified with Before Persist checked. Then, in the actions, it does the following:
      • Assign a variable based on the refnum value before persist ($PRE_PERSIST)
      • Persist
      • Assign a variable based on the refnum value after persist ($POST_PERSIST)
      • Compare the variables -- If they're different, the refnum is new or has changed. If not, they stayed the same and no action should be taken

      I've tried to account for nulls, but with mixed results. Usually the Agent fails, but it's serving our needs so I haven't spent the time to troubleshoot. Hopefully this is a help!
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