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  • OB Line cancellation

    I am using EBS - Purchasing 11.5.10 and I am implementing OTMv55-CU05
    I am creating a PO and a shipment line in EBS - Purchasing and the PO is transfering to otm.
    I have an agent that creates the order release and the shipment as soon as the order base line is created.

    In EBS- Purchasing, I cancel a shipment line and it's transferring to OTM and change the OB line status to 'release control line cancelled' ,
    but does not do anything else.
    I am trying to fin a way, with an agent , to delete the order release and the shipment related to the order base line so
    that the user won't have to cancel the line in EBS and then go to OTM to delete the shipment and the order relase.

    Do you have an idea on how I could do that ?


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    Re: OB Line cancellation

    here's one method..

    You can have an agent that triggers when your OB Line Status changes, that sends an integration (xml) straight back into OTM.
    The xml you'll need to build yourself using an xsl stylesheet configured in the external system (specified in the above mentioned integration).
    The xml should basically specify the shipment and the order release with D transaction code.

    I know theres a lot of technical stuff in there - you might need the help of a tech consultant if you don't have the skills yourself.

    Hope that helps
    Gary Cunningham


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      Re: OB Line cancellation

      Thanks for the answer.

      We found a way to do it. I have created an Integration Saved Query that select all the releases related to the order base line. I customized the Bpel workflow PoSendPoToOtm to send the name of the Integration saved query to OTM with a status code = D when a shipment line is cancel in EBS .

      It is working fine. I am cancelling a line in EBS and the release and the shipment are beeing deleted.

      This is the only way I found to make it work. I tested a lot of agents but never find a way to do it with the agents that are defined in otm, out of the box.