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Status value does not reflect in buy-shipment results screen.

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  • Status value does not reflect in buy-shipment results screen.

    Hi Good day.

    I use OTM
    Software Version OTMv19c

    I made external status in status type function and also made event group and so on.

    I want to display the status I created on the Buy-Shipment Results screen.
    So I used screen-set function and reflected it in the menu manager and manage user access fucntion.

    I created a Buy-shipment, made my secure resources tendered, and use change external status function by manual.

    But some external status was displayed but some were not displayed.

    In this case how can I find error reason and solution other than log files.

    I checked the created status, but it was made in the same way and it was not that something missing.

    I found one error in system log file. Is it answer? if so how can I solve?

    Caused by: Error : 1427, Error Msg = ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row

    Best Regards

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    Please share screen shots of the result screen of your custom screen set