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Agent execution errors and transmission status.

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  • Agent execution errors and transmission status.

    Hi everyone!

    In OTM 6.4.3, transmissions are set to status PROCESSED even if there were errors during agents execution. Is it possible to configure an agent or a transmission so that transmission status would be ERROR in such cases ?

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    Technically you may be able to change the transmission status in the agent error actions...

    However, I would never recommend it. Integration and workflow agents are two completely different processes in OTM. In your car, you wouldn’t want your dashboard engine light to flash up when you forgot to close your trunk?


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      LourensGlog, thank you, but are there any other ways to find out if there were any errors during agent execution ? I send transmissions using PL/SQL API pkg_integration_util.insert_transmission, so the only input data which I have - the transmission number. As I understand agent logs are not stored in database tables.


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        Most common solution for that is to send out a notification email on agent error.

        But you can also include a Direct SQL Statement in the Agent Error actions to set for example an attribute of the order, and you can then query the database for this value.