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Allow Lock and run as "Object In Agent Header

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  • Allow Lock and run as "Object In Agent Header

    Hello Guys,

    As we all know, the function of allow lock , if we enable this option, you are instructing Oracle Transportation Management to lock the business object for the duration of the entire agent, could you please provide some examples, where we can use this option

    and also please let me know what is the need of run as "Object " in agent header page.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hey Sai,

    The run as "Object" option will run the agent with domain privileges of the Object that the agent is running against. For example, User is in domain PLAN/ALL, the agent is in domain PLAN, and the object is in PLAN/CUSTOMER1.

    Run as OBJECT will ensure that the agent only has access to configuration available in PLAN/CUSTOMER1. For example, rates.

    As for the lock, for long running processes, such as planning, rating etc, LOCK can prevent other actions from taking place while the object is locked. An example of this might be changing the ship units on an order release, while it is being rated.

    Hope that makes sense!



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      Thanks James :-)


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        Thread moved to correct Forum


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          Hello Guys
          Just for the records we faced a big trouble on production because the objects were locked and once are locked the performance goes down and then we just request the bounce of the service
          Then we did on the agents a kind of review an reconstruction and things goes better.
          What I wish to transmit is about that option will affect the performance on the entire service, use wisely