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  • Create Lists in Business Monitor


    What is purpose and use of creating lists in the business monitor...


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    Re: Create Lists in Business Monitor

    Business Monitor is like a dash board which helps user knowing about the shipments or orders which needs his quick attention. Creating lists (if my understanding is correct) is nothing but adding the business objects which the user requires to have special attention.

    For example if the user requires to know all the shipments getting created and an update on this every 15 minutes then the same can be setup by creating a list in the Business monitor.

    let me know if this info was helpful.

    Raveendranath Thalapalli


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      Re: Create Lists in Business Monitor

      can these lists be recalled .....



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        Re: Create Lists in Business Monitor

        The purpose of creating a list from a business monitor is to identify tasks that need attention. To create a list, from any business objects results page, select the Lists button to create a list including all the results or click on the check boxes of individual results and from Actions choose Manage List > Create List.

        The list will then appear on the associated workspace for the business object and users can manage their tasks. From the workspace, they can mark items on a list as processed and manage their activities that need their attention.

        As an example, you could have a saved query or business monitor that looks for shipments that need to be reviewed by a planner. Once you run that query and create a list from the results page, you can access it in the Workspace. The planner then can mark each shipment as processed as he reviews them and then remove the processed shipments from the list.

        I hope this helps.
        Brian Hamrock