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    I need to create an agent which will insert row (with certain details and the stop_num) for each stop of the shipment in the shipment_stop_refnum table.

    For eg, if the shipment has 3 stops,then 3 rows needs to be inserted(with each stop number i.e 1 to the max_stop).I need something similar to a for loop(initially starts with 1 then increment by 1 till the max_stop is reached). How can I implement this in the agent action.
    Please help me in this regard.

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    Re: Agent action

    You can simply use the action Direct SQL Update and write a SQL to do the job.

    You can also trigger SHIPMENT STOP type agent using For Each shipment stop

    You can also use agent action FOR and END FOR

    You can also have a stored procedure call and let the procedure do the job for you.

    it totally depends how you want to do it.
    Thanks and Regards
    Anurag Saini


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      Re: Agent action

      One Possible way:

      Use 'For Each' action. Fetch the stop_num from shipment_stop table in a saved query / conditoin and pass it as a parameter for 'For Each' action.
      Raise a custom Event which will call an agent to update the required refnum records using DSU.
      Palaniappan Chithambaram

      ORACLE Certified OTM Implementation Specialist


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        Re: Agent action

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