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  • Event Time check

    I need a little help from the group.

    For specified pick up and delivery appointment windows, is it possible to ensure that the user is forced enter a reason for delay? (for v 5.5)

    for eg.
    Pickup window for shipment is specified as Early Pickup - 2 pm and Late Pickup 5 pm,
    The user enters the shipment status as Picked Up and selects No Error as the Reason Code. The user then selects the Pick up time as 7 pm.
    WHEN the user clicks Save - OTM should have a pop up that informs the user that there is a deviation/delay and No Error cannot be entered.

    Alternatively, can we force OTM to ensure that in case of a deviation, it must select Delay as the Reason Code.

    Someone hinted that action checks may help, but I'm not too sure abt that.