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Webpshere: Max Memory Allocation

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  • Webpshere: Max Memory Allocation

    Hello my Favorite guys:

    I understand that there are some limitations on the amount of memory that we can allocate to a websphere application server due to the use of IBM Java. I am trying to find out what that max amount is. Last I know was 2G max on AIX. Not knowing much about java am not sure if it is platform dependent, but if you can send any information that will be great!

    Max memory for Websphere on LINUX, AIX


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    Re: Webpshere: Max Memory Allocation


    Sorry to hear that you're having "fun" with OTM and WebSphere -- especially on AIX. Good luck!

    The limit for WebSphere should be the same as for WebLogic - and is limited by the IBM JDK. Regardless of the platform, you'll have to use the IBM JDK, rather than JRockit. This will cause the following (rough) memory limits:
    • AIX = ~3000MB
    • Linux = ~2000MB
    The biggest issue you're likely to hit is that the IBM JDK can be unstable with OTM, because of the large amount of native (outside the java heap) memory that we require. This usually causes the IBM JDK to crash - sometimes only once a month, sometimes several times a week - depending on utilization.



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      Re: Webpshere: Max Memory Allocation

      Thanks Chris. Keeps me on my toes! Thanks a lot for the response!