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  • OTM Installation Clarification

    Hello friends,

    We are in process of installing OTM instance into our existing infrastructure.
    At present our existing system is Oracle EBS
    Multinode EBS
    Node 1 ( AP Node Web ) situated in the DMZ
    Node 2 ( Web + admin + DB ) situated in the INTRA Zone.

    We are planning to install the OTM on similar lines, with SOA-BPEL serving as middleware for OTM - EBS Integration
    Node 1 ( OTM WEB ) situated in the DMZ
    Node 2 ( OTM WEB + OTM APP + OTM DB + OAS REPORTS ) situated in the INTRA Zone.

    So we will have 2 Web Servers one in DMZ and other INTRA Zone
    Single Application Server situated in the INTRA Zone.
    1. if Node 1 is Solaris and Node 2 is Linux should it be an issue ?
    2. is it a supported and feasible configuration arch. ?
    3. if yes then what will be port requirements to be opened up for the F/W ?
    I mean the DMZ where Web server is installed needs to communicate with Application Server for sure
    Should Reports Server Port also be opened up ?
    Will the DMZ Web Server communicate to SOA directly or via OTM Application server ?

    4. Does the report server access get channeled via OTM Application Server or directly from the OTM Web Server?
    Please throw your valuable insight and guidance, This is the first time we will be going for OTM
    we have done a standalone OTM Single Node installation for a test server before.
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: OTM Installation Clarification

    Hello Nike,

    You should have both web servers at the very least on the same O/S. Ideally you should have your OTM web and application on the same O/S. This won't really work as the linux JDK will be BEA's Jrockit and the Solaris JDK will be Sun. Reports calls are generated from the web server but if you schedule any reports they are generated from the application server.

    The report port will need to be opened up to the web servers usually 81 and 7777. You also need to open port 1521 to the web server if your users plan to use the CSV export or DBXML utilities.

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      Re: OTM Installation Clarification

      Hello Nick,

      Thanks you very much for the guidance.

      We are using OAS as the application server that will be deployed in the INTRA Zone.

      the Ports 81,7777 are they fixed or configurable ?

      I have a test instance which is standalone OTM instance, is there any location ( file ) where I can see the list of services with Ports allocated ( like in OAS we have portlist.ini)

      I have concluded that pl. let me know if my understanding is in matching:-

      1. Web server needs to have access to the reports server port, since the user request from the web screen ( view ) will be directly go to the reports server. so we need to have a seemless connectivity between report server and the web server

      2. Database port for the OTM, will be kept open in the firewall, along with 81,7777

      3.The Above configuration is feasible , but it is recomended to have same OS for web (DMZ) and OTM-APP (INTRA)

      4. We had installed Oracle 10g Client in our test installation, my understanding is that it is used by the 10g OAS Reports server to communicate with DB.
      Is my understanding correct? ( if only reports server uses if then there shouldnt be need to install DB client in web-dmz)

      (I will also get final assurance/aggrement from oracle support on this configuration and OS)

      Your valuable guidance has saved lot of my efforts and time.

      $ cat install_variables.txt|grep PORT

      I am not sure if this file stores the ports, but in that case




      the above two seems like application server ports, so do I need to open them as well?


      $ netstat -an|grep 7001

      $ netstat -an|grep 23791
      tcp 0 0 NN.NNN.NN.NNN:23791* LISTEN
      tcp 0 0 NN.NNN.NN.NNN:60591 NN.NNN.NN.NNN:23791 ESTABLISHED

      Thank you

      With Regards,
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        Re: OTM Installation Clarification

        Port 81 and 7777 are configurable, 81 with the OTM installer and 7777 with using the staticports.ini file on installation.

        You can install two different O/S since the JDK will be Sun but it is inadvisable. I'm not sure if it is even supported by Oracle. Also note that performance takes a hit compared to Weblogic and Jrockit. In just startup time alone there is a 50% increase using Weblogic/Jrockit vs OAS/Sun's JDK.
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