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Tomcat character encoding issue

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  • Tomcat character encoding issue

    we are facing a strange issue regarding character encoding at Tomcat level.

    We deployed some custom jsp pages in the same Tomcat used by OTM; these pages need to show data in UTF-8 format.
    When Tomcat is started the encoding is set to UTF-8 (correctly) and as long as users move through these custom pages the encoding does not change; after someone starts using OTM the encoding somehow changes to ANSI_X3.4-1968 (that should be standard ASCII) therefore losing all non-ASCII characters in our pages. We verified this by putting a System.getProperty("file.encoding") in one of our pages; our pages do not perform any System.setProperty call so we guess there must be some operations done by OTM which changes the encoding.
    Do you have any idea/suggestion where to look? We are trying to reproduce all actions performed by users but we didn't find anything until now.

    Thank you for any reply!