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How to expose OTM

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  • LourensGlog
    Re: How to expose OTM

    You should be able to find this information in OTM's Integration Guide

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  • Sophia
    started a topic How to expose OTM

    How to expose OTM

    We have couple of doubts in exposing OTM.

    1) - We will create a location in the OTM.
    - How this location data is exposed as a webservice to the external system ?

    2) - We will create a customer in EBS
    - We will send the location information to OTM. How OTM will accept this data and insert into proper tables in OTM DB

    If there are any documentation like how to expose the data from OTM to external systems through webservice and How OTM is accepting data and inserting/updating in the database tables.