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  • app_machine


    We have done DB refresh from PROD to TEST. After refresh we observe that what ever we update on TEST , it is not updated on TEST, it is updated in PROD.

    We have changed the values of external_systems, still it is happening.

    One thing which we could not do is to delete the row from app_machine_gid for TERTIARY app_machine_gid as it has child records in i_transmission table.

    We have TERTIARY app_machine_gid in PROD but not TEST.

    Please inform how important is the TERTIARY app_machine_gid value in app_machine table. Can it impact the main issue of updation on PROD when updating on TEST.

    Thanks in advance..

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    Re: app_machine

    If you are running OTM in SCA mode, you need to cleanup app_machine before bringing the TEST up. If you are not able to delete the record. You can always update the machine IP/URL for TERTIARY to point to a TEST machine. Otherwise, you can delete the records in i_transmission table and then remove it completely. My guess is, you will not need transmission records in TEST.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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      Re: app_machine

      I agree with sabisidhu. You'll need to update your app_machine (table) URL (column) for the primary and secondary servers in the database so that they are pointing to your app servers in test. You should also remove the third machine from the database configuration. Be sure to update these while the app server is down.

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