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Can OTM logout time be extended in 5.5v?

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  • Can OTM logout time be extended in 5.5v?

    When we have OTM v4.5, we had the system extended to have 1 hour before auto-logout (no activity).
    However when v5.5 was released this was cut back to 30min again.

    I am finding that, as working on concurrent tasks & querying between multiple systems, often OTM has timed out & that the queries need to be re-run.

    Please help me on this

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    Re: Can OTM logout time be extended in 5.5v?


    On the web server in [OTM HOME]/tomcat/conf/web.xml you can change the default session timeout value




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      Re: Can OTM logout time be extended in 5.5v?

      Found this in OTM Documentation

      Modifying the Session Timeout

      The default session timeout for the Oracle Transportation Management Web Server is 30 minutes. If you leave Oracle Transportation Management idle for 30 minutes, your session will timeout and you will need to log in again. For some Oracle Transportation Management installations, you may want to increase this timeout. Please note that increasing the session timeout will increase the load on your Web server and may decrease the number of simultaneous users that can access the system. We don’t recommend setting this above 60 minutes.

      To change this setting, edit the web.xml files on your Oracle Transportation Management Web Server.

      These files are located on your web server(s): <otm_install_path>/tomcat/conf/web.xml and <otm_install_path>/glog/gc3webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml. Edit the following line in each file:
      Change the setting from 30 to your desired timeout period, in minutes. Restart the Oracle

      Transportation Management Instance.