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[SOLVED] overview of otm

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  • [SOLVED] overview of otm

    Hi friends,
    Today,my boss said to me that I need to study OTM for business meet.I am a fresh man and have many many questions about What OTM is.I have some skill such as JAVA,XML,SQL,PL/SQL.I know What is the EBS architecture and who can help me unstand OTM's.

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    Re: overview of otm

    Ricky - first, prepare yourself for a lot of learning. OTM is a large and complex product, comprised of multiple tiers:
    • Web Tier (Presentation)
      • Technical components: Apache / Tomcat
      • Technology: html, java servlets, JSPs, etc
      • Purpose: Strictly to present the UI of OTM to clients
    • App Tier (Business Logic)
      • Technical Components: WebLogic or OAS or WebSphere
      • Technology: java, EJBs
      • Purpose: All application business logic
    • Rpt Tier (reports)
      • Technical Components: Apache (rptapache), OAS, Oracle Forms and Reports
      • Technology: html, Oracle Reports rdf
      • Purpose: all reports necessary for app usage
    • DB Tier (data storage)
      • Technical Components: Oracle DB
      • Technology: SQL, java, etc
      • Purpose: Storage of all data required for the application.
    First, I recommend doing a search on the forums, as similar questions have been asked previously.

    After that, I'd recommend reading the OTM Administration Guide and Technical Architecture docs. Then read all of the CU (cumulative update) release notes, as they have added significant features and architecture changes to OTM. You can find links to these docs here:

    Then I'd install OTM, so that you can learn the process and begin playing with the product. You'll also find a post covering the hardware necessary:

    Here's a link that will help you verify that your install completed without errors:

    Here's a link that gives information about installing CU4 - the latest patch:

    Note: The following link will provide you with a consolidated archive of the 3rd party libraries that OTM requires to function. Download and install them to save a lot of time:

    If time is of the essence, there are companies out there (mine being one of them) who offer Incubator and POC instances of OTM, to allow you to get up to speed quickly.

    Finally, please post back what you've learned and additional questions as you go through the process. There are many newcomers to OTM and this will not only help the community, but it may also allow you to make friends - with whom you can learn OTM together and help each other out.

    Hope this helps!


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      Re: overview of otm

      hi chrisplough,
      I appreciate your helpful apply to my previous question.You give me a very specific description about OTM and other approaches to study OTM.It make me confident and interested in OTM.So,I will study it hard and share my experiences with all friends as you said!!