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[SOLVED] Shipment Screen set including cost per case?

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  • [SOLVED] Shipment Screen set including cost per case?

    We have a flower grower customer who wants to see the cost per case in the sell shipment interface. Is there any way this can be done in a custom screen set? I have looked for all the avalible fields in the shipment screen set and the cost per case (or cost per ship unit) is not one of them.

    If you can not select this feture, can I use another field and have an agent populate the shipment with (total cost/ship units) ?
    Any thoughts would be appriciated.

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    Hi Runi,

    With my limited knowledge of OTM, you would need to allocate the cost of the shipment first - there are some cost alloocation rules you can explore - unfortunately I am unable to advise exactly which one yet as I am myself looking into a config silimiar to yours.

    My thoughts are once you are able to allocate the cost of each ship units from the shipment, you will then be able to display the cost via your agent method into a remarks field.