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    I have a buy shipment screen set, and it includes in the tree a link to the Invoice_Invoice screen set. I want users to be able to view the invoices that are related to that shipment, but have no access to edit them. So I created a copy of the Invoice_Invoice screen set, and called it Invoice_No_Edit, which I modified the General tab, and unchecked the edit functionality. If I go directly through this screen set, I can click on specific Invoice numbers and they come up in the view mode, however when I modify the tree for the buy shipment screen set to use Invoice_No_Edit, I lose the ability to directly click on the invoice and have it open in the view mode. I can click on smartlinks within the tree, and still choose view, however I don't have the same functionality when I do this for Vouchers.

    How do I get the tree to allow me to click directly on the results, and have them come up in view mode without access to edit?

    It also does not work if I try to replace the edit link to match what the view link currently points to.

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    Re: View Only through Trees


    A better way of stopping the user from editing invoices - would be to change their level access for Invoices to View only.

    Gary Cunningham


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      Re: View Only through Trees

      You are absolutely right, I didn't think about that. Thanks.