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Customizing the Tender Resp Screen Set

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  • Customizing the Tender Resp Screen Set

    Hello all,

    I have a question to a problem that has been plaguing us for the last 4 years.

    Is there someone that knows how to modify the Screen Set for the Tender Response?
    I was told that this screen set is hardcoded within OTM and we can’t do a thing to change it except by having Oracle do a 36 000$+ custom job on it.

    I did read in the forum that someone has bypass the Tender Response screen set by using the general SHIPMENT_VISIBILITY screen set and adapting it to his needs. I copied the SHIPMENT_VISIBILITY screen set into CUSTOM_TENDER_RESP, change the user menu to call CUSTOM_TENDER_RESP instead of TENDER_RESP and did the customizations that were needed. But, I can’t find anyway to assign the action menu to call the Tender acceptance/decline screens? It seem those too are hardcoded and inaccessible.

    As anyone found a way to call the Tender acceptance/decline screens?



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    Re: Customizing the Tender Resp Screen Set

    Hello Eric, I believe I was the one who posted the solution you're describing above. Sorry for the late response here; it's been a while since I checked the boards.

    It's also been a while since I implemented that solution, so I'm having to work here from memory. But I believe the Accept/Decline functionality was coming strictly through the Actions menu. The user had to select the shipment in the search results screen, click Actions, and choose Accept Tender or Decline Tender from there.

    Are you saying that these actions are not available from that Actions menu? I believe they were there for us; it's possible that we had to add them in the Screen Set manager.

    FWIW, I don't recall that the same could be done from the detail screen for the same shipment--at least, the traditional Accept and Decline buttons were not present there at the bottom of the screen as they would be normally.

    Do keep in mind that the solution bypasses the TenderRespServlet, so it's appropriate only for customers needing only the simplistic Accept and Decline actions. I recall also that it is only effective for Ordinary tender types; Broadcast tenders will not work under this solution.

    So as you see, the solution has its limitations. But as far as I know, there is no other way to customize both the tender detail screen and the results grid at the same time. (Well, no way other than dropping $36K!)

    Please post an update on the situation--would like to know how it's gone for you thus far.



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      Re: Customizing the Tender Resp Screen Set

      Thanks for the reply Clay!

      Humm, I guess I can’t have my cake and my glass of milk on this one.

      We would need to have both the custom finder set and screens since we have delivery notes for it.

      I guess my next action would be to send an enhancement request and hope that I am not the only one.


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        Re: Customizing the Tender Resp Screen Set

        So Eric, are you stating that you would have to have both a custom finder set and a customization on the system's default tender response screens? That would represent a change to your earlier requirement, in which the SHIPMENT_VISIBILITY object was sufficient, and it was only the Accept/Decline buttons (or their Actions menu equivalents) that seemed to be missing.

        Please correct me if I've misunderstood the need.


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          Re: Customizing the Tender Resp Screen Set

          Yes we do need to have both the finder set and the tender response screens to be customized since the vanilla solution doesn’t really cut mustard.

          So we did customize the tender response screens a while back and they have been working nicely. But the finder set is really harsh for our carriers to use and it returns mostly ids that tell nothing to our carrier.

          We try modifying the TENDER_RESP, but we couldn’t change it. And then I come across your post about using the SHIPMENT_VISIBILITY which is just brilliant and we modify it, plug it and sadly could link the return query to the customize tender screens, we only had the Action button with the Accept and Decline.

          So we are back to using the vanilla TENDER_RESP finder set with our custom screens.


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            Re: Customizing the Tender Resp Screen Set

            So Eric, sorry if I'm missing something here, but what isn't working in the solution above? You have created a custom finder set based on a SHIPMENT_VISIBILITY object and connected that to a menu item accessible to the carrier. You have modified the detail screens as desired, and the carrier can use the Actions menu to accept or decline the tender.

            What is the problem? Is it that the Accept and Decline buttons do not now show at the bottom of the screen? Provided that those actions are still available under the Actions menu, the carriers can still work the tenders. Are you saying that the extra click is unacceptable to them? Or is there some other missed connection in the above configuration?


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              Re: Customizing the Tender Resp Screen Set

              It seems that I am unable to link the custom SHIPMENT_VISIBILITY to the custom Tender response screens.

              I tried defining the custom screen in the general tab of the finder set, modifying the finder set xml directly in the database,,,

              Still nothing, not linkage to the custom (or otherwise) screen.

              Could it be that I am missing a field, an instruction...


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                Re: Customizing the Tender Resp Screen Set

                I believe I understand now: you are trying to connect the new finder set with the custom XSL you had developed for the screens under TENDER_RESP? I believe that would explain the disconnect.

                If I have that correct, and if I am correct in my understanding of the system at large, I have some bad news: you will not be able to use stylesheets that you have customized for TENDER_RESP; you will hve to re-develop the customizations using the stylesheets that are invoked by the SHIPMENT_VISIBILITY object.

                I believe the XSL files in question are in the xsl/giiv directory, but don't take my word for it. Open your SHIPMENT_VISIBILITY screens in a new window and add "&debug=y" (without quotes) to the querystring in the address bar. This should show the XML behind the screen. The second or third line displayed there should name the XSL transforming that screen. That is the place to begin with your new mods.

                So the bad news is that you will have to do some more development; the good news is that you should now be within striking distance of your solution. Incidentally, if you're not keen on handling the additional development, I know someone who'd be more than happy to take the work off of your hands... ;-)