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  • Read-Only OTM screens

    Hi :

    I am looking to configure OTM screens so that the screens are READ-ONLY (Absolutely no transactions to be performed) for a specific user role.

    Can anyone please guide me on how to set this up ? Give me some head-start tips.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Read-Only OTM screens

    You could try using
    1. VPD
    2. Assign functions to a level
    then attach these to a user role.

    Anirban Roy


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      Re: Read-Only OTM screens

      Hi - I would look at creating a new domain and only allowing access to that domain for the users who you want to be read only.

      The new domain would only have "Read" level domain grants to the other domains where your data / transactions are performed. On the new domain you create you may have to modify the screen sets to remove the ability for your Read only users to create data in that new domain itself. Let me know if you need more help.


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        Re: Read-Only OTM screens

        Thanks for your inputs folks. I really appreciate it. I'll keep exploring this options you have provided.
        Please continue to provide your ideas.



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          Re: Read-Only OTM screens

          Create USER ROLE with assign functions that has only view options in it.
          Create screen set with EDIT option removed in General Tab. Attach all those screen sets to a Menu and then it to USER ROLE.
          I remember we can see Edit button visible in View Page of the business object (e.g. Order release). But OTM will throw error stating that user has no privilege to edit it while trying to edit. If you do not want this Edit button visible to customer then u need to modify its JSPX (XSL) and then attach its path in screen set.


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            Re: Read-Only OTM screens

            I am trying to add an " Help" (Includes "show me", "custom help" etc..) tab on the right hand side of the screen by Menu Manager to a newly created Menu. Any ideas will be much very helpful.

            FYI: I am able to find "help" through link "Data Entry" but can't find the rest.

            Vinoth Gopalakrishnan
            Reach out for OTM/GTM - Transportation/Logistics and Blockchain Consultations/Strategy