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  • Material for XSL/CSS

    Hi All,
    Is some one having good documents or knowledge of XLS and CSS? It will be nice if you share the basics like how to change style sheet? Can we create new style sheets? How can I map it in UI? This area is kind of un-touched for me. Please don’t mind if I am asking very small things.

    Thanks for the Help
    Geetika Dua

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    Re: Material for XSL/CSS

    Lot of materials are available in web for XSLs and CSSs. In OTM, webserver contains folder named 'xsl' which inturn has many folders representing each business objects like shipment,quote,etc. Customisation of XSLs can be done at domain level or user level.

    1. domain Level: Need to modify the existing XSLs in which case it will reflect across all users.
    2. User level : Create new folder inside 'xsl' folder and paste the folder which needs customisation. Create new screen set and provide the customised XSL path in it.
    Eg. If Shipment screen needs to be customised for particular user, then create new folder 'ABC' and paste 'Shipment' folder inside 'ABC'. Modify corresponding xsls as per your requirement. Create new screen set, and in "General" tab paste customised xsl path. ABC/Shipment/Shipment.xsl in "View or Edit".

    Precaution that do not modify original xsls. Take a backup and start working on those.