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    I need to set up a way to manage a code on the carrier that indicates that whenever a shipment is tendered where the carrier is assigned, the tender will be auto accepted.

    The approach I have in mind is to set up a code on the carrier that can be updated through the User Interface with a value of Y or N. Then add an If statement in an agent that checks the code for Y and does the Accept Tender function when true.

    Is there a way create a carrier attribute that can be updated by users and referenced and acted on by an agent?


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    Re: Carrier Attribute

    The easiest solution would be to use OTM's workflow for this. As you know, LTL shipments are tendered automatically (the so-called pickup notification), and TL shipments aren't. You can create a mode TL-AUTO which treats TL shipments as LTL with regards to the tendering process. But this may not give you the flexibility you need.

    More flexible will be a refnum on the carrier with a Y/N value. Create an agent that will trigger on shipment tender, and have this agent check if the carrier's refnum equals Y and run the action tender accept.

    However, with this approach, you may need to make some additional changes as the carrier will still receive an email saying he needs to reply, while in fact he doesn't, so this can cause confusion.