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Refnum Value Input Validation

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  • Refnum Value Input Validation

    Dear Folks,

    Is there any way to validate the shipment refnum value or shipment stop remark qual value during user input for below conditions:
    1. Datatype (Eg. Numeric only or CHAR only)
    2. Size (Eg. 2 characters only)

    Also can the same be validated if the refnum value is being populated via an incoming XML and/or custom work flow? It would be great if we can flag out such errors.

    Naveen Gupta

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    Re: Refnum Value Input Validation

    If you need to do real-time validation, 1) has to be done by JSPX modification and 2) can be done by flattening pseudo-fields in Manager Layout.
    If you allow the validation can be done before saving the data, then you can use User Exit (Configuration and Administration > System Administration > User Exit). The feature could validate data for both User and Intergartion. You may refer to a sample attached or Ian Lo's blog: Exit Stage Right or Left? - Oracle OTM / G-Log GC3 Community Support
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