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  • [SOLVED] screens

    I modified the contacts screen by modifying the CommonContact xsl file, in modified screen I want only the contact id , first name, last name, phone1, email address, location. So, I remove the code except the require code in personcontact template which is present in the CommonContact xsl file.

    After entering the data in the modified screen, I click the finished button then I move to the result screen, in the result screen I have the buttons like create another, modify another, view, view log etc. If I click the create another it opens the original screen not the modified screen.

    What are the modifications I should do, In order to open the modified screen when I click the create another button?

    thank you.......

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    Re: screens

    Your problem seems to be the same like sn1405 has in the thread 'Contacts screen'.

    I have tried the same thing at my end(removed some fields from commoncontacts.xsl) and my 'CreateAnother' button takes me to the modified xsl. Its working fine. Let me know if you have changed any of the following:

    1. PersonContactManager.xsl

    2. Person_contact.xml ( finder set xml)


    Before doing the above check, check whether the link on 'CreateAnother' button is something like this

    http://localhost/GC3/ let/1182919085953?a=b&new=y

    Note: Like i have written earlier in the other thread, this CommonContacts.xsl is a common file used across different UI in GC3, so its not advisable to change this xsl unless your requirement says that this change should reflect in all other UI.


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      Re: screens

      I took the copy of PresonContactManager.xsl file,in that I delete the top, step button code and also in the personcontact template I delete the preference and I delete the client_corporation code.


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        Re: screens

        When you take a copy of the file, lets say you have named it 'A' in the same folder(contact). You have deleted some fields in A.

        You will be able to view the changes of A in the UI only if you change the
        getStyleSheetEditString() method in the . If you check this method, it points to the xsl that should be displayed when you click on 'New' or 'Edit' . so in this method change the xsl path to 'contact/A.xsl' .

        Once the getStyleSheetEditString() method is changed and now it points to your new xsl, the framework will automatically redirect you to the same xsl when you click on 'Create Another' .