We are presently facing the below issue with Screen Set in otm 5.5


We made a copy of the BUY_SHIPMENT Screen Set.
In the Search Tab, clicking on Add Field leads to the drop down named Field Name.When Refnum Value(P) is selected as Field Name and clicking on Save button usually leads to a dropdown consisting of Refnum Qual Id.When an appropriate Refnum Qual Id is selected and when OK button is clicked,the control will get transfered to the search tab.

To our surprise when the Save button is clicked, we notice that the control gets transferred directly to the Search tab instead of proceeding towards the dropdown consisting of Refnum Qual Id.

Measures Taken to Solve the Issue:

1. Tried restarting the server.
2. Tried in Browsers (IE 6.0 and Firefox

Kindly advise on solving this issue.