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    We design screens and reports in otm 5.5 , we want to migrate from one server to another server.Is any option present in OTM 5.5 for migration.

    Kindly help me.

    thanks in advance,

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    Re: migration


    If the screens and reports were developed for the same version of OTM, meaning the same release (v5.5) and patch level (for instance CU3), then you shouldn't have any problem porting these to another environment.

    For screen customizations (xsl and css files) you'll just need to copy these into the new environment. For Screen Sets, Menu Managers, etc -- you'll need to manually configure the new environment in the same way. There are some ways to automate this process via CSV imports and exports, but they're still a bit buggy.

    In the case of reports, you'll need to copy these over to our OTM reports server and then configure them into the system via the OTM UI.



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      Re: migration

      Hi Pradeep,

      FOr moving the menu managers and screensets, it is very hard to use the CSV down and upload.
      When you are using applications such as TOAD, you want to copy the XML_BLOB into the records to copy them.
      You can discuss the validness of this action, but it works very very good. However always be careful.

      Best regards,

      Best Regards,

      Bob Romijn


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        Re: migration

        I agree with Bob on this one.

        I generally use a CSV file to upload a skeleton record (excluding the XML_BLOB), then use toad to copy from one environment to another.
        James Foran
        Toll Global Information Services


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          Re: migration

          Would you be able to provide the table(s) name used to create\extract the screen set CSV skeleton?
          Best Regards,


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            Re: migration

            This is the way I am always using for transferring Screens and Menus.

            Step 1, remove CR/LF characters from XML_BLOB
            update manager_layout set manager_layout_xml=replace(replace(manager_layout_xml,CHR(10),''),CHR(13),'') where domain_name<>'PUBLIC';
            update finder_set set finder_set_xml=replace(replace(finder_set_xml,chr(10),''),chr(13),'') where domain_name<>'PUBLIC';
            update user_menu_layout set user_menu_layout_xml=replace(replace(user_menu_layout_xml,chr(10),''),chr(13),'') where domain_name<>'PUBLIC';
            Step 2, export CSV with remoteGC3Instance option to target server directly.
            Please note that export and import won't work because all xml tags will become "&" codes, which can not be processed by import.

            Step 3, on target server, open (Edit) all new loaded screens and menus then click "Finished". This will allow OTM to validate XML. And the most importantly, for Manager Layuots, OTM will build jspx files on Web Server.
            Last edited by josephliang; September 25, 2009, 02:12.
            Joseph Liang
            MavenWire APAC