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Where can I find basic OTM info?

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  • Where can I find basic OTM info?

    I am a new implementer and I was hoping that I could find a simple list of data requirements for OTM. A great start would be a list of all tables in OTM and a description of the fields within the tables. Additionally, a list of all statuses along with the available values would be quite helpful.

    Does anybody know where to find this type of info


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    Re: Where can I find basic OTM info?

    Hi - if you are new to OTM implementation, my advice would be NOT to start with understanding the underlying database schema. There are over 1000 tables in there and depending on what you are trying to do, some are very relevant and some have absolutely no relevance at all. If you are really convinced that is the way to go, then I believe that the DB schema is included in the product documentation on the installation or you can purchase a copy of TOAD or something similar to connect direct to the DB to have a browse through the schema.

    My advice to start to understand the application is to start to create the key data objects and understand the relationship between them (Order base, order release, shipment, invoice, voucher) using some of the key underlying master data you need (rate offering, rate record, itinerary, service provider, locations etc). The best way to do that, is to take a real life logistics scenario you are familiar with, and attempt to model it in the application. Far more productive than looking at a listing of the database schema.