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[SOLVED] DB upgrade procedure

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  • [SOLVED] DB upgrade procedure


    The client have two DBservers 'A1' and 'B1'.
    A1 contains otm 5.5 CU4 data with user created records.
    B1 contains a fresh installation of otm 5.5 cu5 related(say they have ran the "@dbupdate_55.sql").
    Now they have not created any data(master set up) in cu5 db.
    They want to migrate the data from CU4 to CU5 DB server.

    Any idea on how to do it?

    I shall think of getting the data in csv and then upload them back to fit into the CU5 DB.
    Please let me know if tis approach is fine.
    Any other better idea for the process of migrating an otm data from cu4 to cu5, if known please share.

    Thanking and regards,

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    Re: DB upgrade procedure

    That's too much work. Just do a simple export of the CU-4 Database, then on your CU5 database run the @create_glog_roles.sql and @create_glog_users.sql. This will clear out all of the data. Next rather than importing the blank database import the CU4 export. Next step would be to run the post import scripts to re-validate them but things have changed in CU5 and you will get a ton of errors. What you next need to do is bring the DB to CU5 by running the dbpatch_55 first and then run the post import scripts beginning with @create_vpd_packages.sql as per the admin guide.
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      Re: DB upgrade procedure

      Thanks all for the help.
      Closing this thread.