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Purge order_releases OTM 5.5 CU4

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  • Purge order_releases OTM 5.5 CU4


    I was running the built in OTM purge for Order_Release and it seem to be running really slow. I'm purging for one month of data which is about 21,000 order_releases. It has been running for over 12hrs. Is there a work around for purging shipment and order_releases without using the built in OTM purge process?



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    Re: Purge order_releases OTM 5.5 CU4

    Hi Tony,

    It looks like you may need to take a look at your DB performance. Check your DB to see if your database parameters are correct. Unfortunately, I can't advise you on what to look for as I am not a DBA but I have the same number of orders being purged and I am not experiencing the runtimes you have.

    I don't recommend purging data without using the OTM purge process as there are many checks and FK relationships you need to be careful about.

    We have however created a purge script for Invoices and Bills as these are not provided by OTM (I don't know why .... ), since the FK relationships for these objects are simpler and easy to deduce by looking at the schema.

    My best bet would be to look into your DB performance.

    Hope this helps!


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      Re: Purge order_releases OTM 5.5 CU4

      Another factor could be whether your DB is partitioned or not.