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  • VPD Performance

    Hi Friends,

    I am trying to put a VPD for restricting Order Releases. I am restricting it based on a refnum value on the order release.
    As the refnum is present in the order_release_refnum table, I have created a join in the predicate with the order release table. The VPD is working fine.
    Right now the amount of data is very less but is going to increase once it is put into production.
    I wanted to know how the performance will be impacted due this VPD where I am not taking the values directly from the ORDER_RELEASE table.
    Any inputs would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Anirban Roy

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    Re: VPD Performance

    Depends on how you are doing the join.

    I often use an EXIST clause. This seems to work better than a IN clause in certain scenarios. If you start to see a performance degredation, I would try both the EXISTS and IN clause and see which performs better.

    Hope this helps.
    James Foran
    Toll Global Information Services


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      Re: VPD Performance

      If you can't restrict based on the Order Release table itself, select a safe related table like Refnum or Involved Party. A typical unsafe table is the status table, which can grow very quickly. An advantage of using Involved Party is that this is available on most business objects and you can keep your VPD predicates nice and tidy.