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  • Lite domain to standalone domain


    I have a domian as Lite domain and now i want to change it to standalone domain is it possible to do it .

    In the Configaration and adminstration>>Domain Managment>>Domain settings

    I am not able to search for Lite domain . I mean to say i am not able to set any default Planiing parameter for the lite domain .


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    Re: Lite domain to standalone domain


    As far as I'm aware based on experience, you are not able to change a domain from lite to "not-lite" or the other way around.
    I think the reason is because when a not-lite domain is created, all kind of data is copied into that new domain. For a light domain this is not done. Later on it can't be done by UI.

    If you want to go the hard way, I know there is a field in the Domain table which sets the type of domain. By changing this you have a full-domain, but the data won't be avaialble and I know this give a lot of troubles.......
    Best Regards,

    Bob Romijn


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      Re: Lite domain to standalone domain

      I agree with Bob that once the domain has been created, you cannot change it from one type to the other. When you create a lite domain, a lot of reference data (status types, status values, BNG rules etc) that would be created if you create a standard domain is not created. Instead, the data from the Reference domain is used for the Lite domain.

      Further, I dont think changing the values in the DB will create all of the necessary reference data that you need for a normal domain.

      Why would you want to change this setting now ?