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  • Where to upload custom classes


    I have developed a custom servlet, which we are calling from OTM. This custom servlet is referring to a custom utility class, Where should I upload this custom class .. ?

    I have uploaded it into D:\otm\glog\gc3webapp\WEB-INF\classes\ , But it is throwing class not found error ..

    There is also a .properties file which I have uploaded to classes directory .. Please let me know if I am doing wrong ..

    Naveen S

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    Re: Where to upload custom classes

    Besides this being very unsupported and may risk problems, you can open up your glogserver.jar file and add the class file in there. You'll need to restart OTM afterwards. Also when you patch OTM, you'll need to reapply the class file to the jar file.

    The other way by putting it in the otm/glog/gc3webapp/WEB-INF/classes/glog/webserver.... can be done but you need to know the exact folders to put it into.

    I don't know what you are doing with the properties file but that needs to go into the not in the jar file.
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      Re: Where to upload custom classes

      Hi Nick and Naveen,

      As said by Nick I also agree that the approach taken by Naveen is not advisable, however for the sake of completion of Naveen's configuration for the custom class to be recognizable by OTM, you need to put some entry in web.xml located in $OTM_HOME/glog/gc3webapp/WEB-INF folder.

      However Naveen as per my understanding, after every application of OTM patches, you may have to reconfirm the entries for your class are present in web.xml

      I hope this information may help you.



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        Re: Where to upload custom classes

        Hi, all.
        You told that this method isn't advisable.
        Is there any advisable method of creating extensions instead of described above?

        Best regards, Arthur.
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          Re: Where to upload custom classes


          Can we place all customs files in 'com' folder and not in 'glog' folder in Development instance.



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            Re: Where to upload custom classes

            You can place your files here, but they will get wiped out with each CU applied. Make sure that you keep a backup of this directory, if you do so.

            Just remember, incorporating custom code into OTM is always done at your own risk.



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              Re: Where to upload custom classes

              Hi all.

              Chris, as I understand, in theory, it should be possible to use any directory to hold custom classes. Just security/access/other issues should be solved in OTM. Can you point to the direction of further investigation? AppServer/Tomcat/OTM security settings, property files, etc?

              One more question on the custom classes. Did I understand right from the documentation that I can use ClientAPI (as a base class) and the ClientAPI::getEntityNames() to provide my OTM with my custom entities?
              Did anybody follow this way?

              Thanks in advance.
              Best regards, Arthur.
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