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Customized screens and jspx

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  • Customized screens and jspx

    We built a tool to migrate OTM configuration (for example OTM table MANAGER_LAYOUT, etc.,) form one env to another. The move works fine and the required data gets moved. But, the changes are not visible when we open a screen in the destination env. For example, we changed the Buy_Shipment screen to hide shipment id in env1. When we moved this change to env2, it still shows that field as editable. One of the explanations that I got is that OTM does not know to rebuild the jpsx when we move the configuration and if its a customized screen. There are two options that I can use in order for the change to be visible in the destination env. One is to just resave(simply click on Finished button) or delete all the customiized jpsx. So, I deleted all the jspx under /opt/oracle/otm/glog/gc3webapp/jsp/ assuming OTM to recreate them. But it did not. Can anyone tell me how and when these jspx files get generated? How to differentiate between a public and a customized jspx?

    Thanks in advance.

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    [SOLVED]Re: Customized screens and jspx

    This issue is resolved. I just deleted the folder which had customized screens and OTM rebuilt it.