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FTI on sun solaris issues

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  • FTI on sun solaris issues

    Hi all,
    We are going to install FTI and OBIEE and for that I have few clarifications:-
    1. Is FTI now supported on sun solaris server. The Oracle march 2008 document part numberB28773-06 says so.Can anyone confirm.My OTM is installed on Sun solaris server and we are planning to upgrade to CU04 on Sun so that FTI can work fine.Please help in this regard as to if FTI and OBIEE can work on Sun solaris
    2. My next clarification is that in case FTI does not work on Sun solaris then if we install OBIEE and FTI on windows 2003 /linus server then can it talk to OTM which is on sun solaris.
    Please suggest urgently.

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    Re: FTI on sun solaris issues


    I haven't seen FTI on Solaris yet so I unfortunately can't comment, other than to reiterate what you've already said - that the doc b28773-06 states that it is. Unfortunately I haven't seen any real-world examples to back this up.

    Internally, we've only used OBIEE and FTI on Linux, but I've heard it works well on Win32. From an architecture perspective, I can't see any reason that a Solaris OTM server would have issues with an FTI server on another platform. The only restriction in OTM is that the Web and App tiers must be the same platform and JDK.