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[SOLVED] OTM and Mac Web Browsers

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  • [SOLVED] OTM and Mac Web Browsers


    As some of you may know, I'm a big fan of Macs. They work well, are spyware / virus resistant, plus they're based on Unix, so I basically end up with a very functional Unix workstation that can also run Word, Excel, etc. To put things in perspective, my other laptop is a Linux workstation and I don't have any dedicated Windows computers.

    One of the challenges when working with OTM has been platform and browser support. The two that I find that work best are:
    1. Camino 1.0.x (Camino - Mozilla power, Mac style.)
    2. Firefox 1.5.x (
    I'm not a big fan of Safari and usually prefer to use Firefox 2.0.x, but unfortunately the Finders and Search results in OTM don't work very well with either of these. The biggest issue is that if your Finder search returns a lot of results, the scrollbars don't work.

    Personally, I use Firefox 2.0.x for all of my normal Internet browsing and use Camino strictly for OTM. I also use Parallels (Virtual pc, virtual machine and multiple operating system solutions by Parallels, Inc.) to run Windows in a virtual machine, should I ever need to run a windows-only program. I find this useful when connecting to multiple client networks and working with EBS / OTM integration (which I've been doing a lot of recently). The newer versions appear to be much more stable and I'm starting to become satisfied with Parallels again.

    Hope this helps!