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Does OTM 32 bit work with a Win 2003 Itanium 64 bit DB server with Oracle10g 64bit?

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  • Does OTM 32 bit work with a Win 2003 Itanium 64 bit DB server with Oracle10g 64bit?

    I have had a thread open with OTM support for 6 weeks now on a simple question and still no reply.

    Does any one know if a OTM 5.5.2 installation on two Windows 2003 servers(32bit)
    (One running Weblogic and the other running Apache & Tomcat) will have any issues communicating with a Windows 2003 server (64bit) running a 64 bit Oracle 10g database?

    We are going to upgrade from 5.0 to 5.5.2 next month and moving the database to a 64 bit server and 64 bit database version would give us a huge performance gain, but not sure if this works with OTM 5.5.2 or not even sure that Oracle supports this setup.
    Any experience or comments for the above setup would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your experiences with Oracle's support, however, that was one of the reasons I began these forums after leaving Oracle/G-Log.

    You can definitely run in the configuration you described (Win2k3 32-bit OTM web/app servers against a Win2k3 64-bit DB server) without issue. This should be a supported configuration by Oracle.

    If fact many clients utilize a completely different platform on the DB tier, for instance Linux web/app/rpt servers and an AIX or Solaris DB server. They usually do this in order to leverage an existing DB server. In your case, I would expect it's to gain the best possible DB performance by utilizing a 64-bit platform on that tier.

    The important thing is that the OTM web and app servers are the same platform and OS. This is because there are Java RMI calls between these 2 tiers and the JVM brand and version must be identical, otherwise you end up with tons of serialization errors and OTM won't function.

    I hope this helps and please post back with your experiences.



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      Thanks Chris,
      We will go forward and upgrade our Test enviroment to the above setings and I will write back with pros/cons when done.