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    Here is a workaround that might be of value to the community.

    We had some difficulty using update_onecsv in our upgrade. For example when trying to load data for the TRANSLATION table we would try to run the following:

    update_onecsv TRANSLATION [path to properties config folder] [SID]

    I won't go into detail, but it did not work for us. In the end Oracle recomended not to use the update_onecsv process. This might just be a problem with our environment and not a problem for others, but if it is a problem for others, here is an alternative method for loading data for a single table (TRANSLATION in this example) in an OTM upgrade:

    1 - Create a file called 'TRANSLATION_insert_glogowner_data.txt' in the
    [\script8\content_glogowner] folder.

    2 - Edit the txt file so there is a single line that says 'TRANSLATION' (no quotes).

    3 - Run update_content as follows:

    update_content [path to properties config folder] TRANSLATION

    The script will take the second parameter and go look for your 'TRANSLATION_insert_glogowner_data.txt' file and loop through the lines and go find 'TRANSLATION.csv' and load it into the database. This will work for other tables, but you should be pretty clear about what you are attempting to do because there are versions of the CSV and XML files associated with different patches and releases.

    I've done this workaround in Windows, but have not tested in UNIX, though it should work in theory. The update_onecsv shell might also work fine in UNIX, which would make this workaround only a DOS thing.


    Matt Kenney