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The Page can not be displayed in OTM55 CU2

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  • The Page can not be displayed in OTM55 CU2

    After upgrading to OTM 55 CU 2 we are having a User interface issue ussing any version of Internet Explore.
    When you go to order releases and search on more than one Order release and the result set returns and you click on one of the order releases and is taken to the detail screen for this order release then if you hit the back button on the internet explorer you get the screen saying "The Page can not be displayed".
    So you have to click on the order release menu link on the left and reenter all order releases to query them again. This is also happening with shipment and OTM suport says that they do not suport using the back button in the browser, which by the way works fine in OTM v5.0.
    I just wanted to hear if that is true, i.e. are all of you that are using OTM V5.5.2 having this same issue with the interface??
    Any feedback would be greatly appriciatted.

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    Re: The Page can not be displayed in OTM55 CU2

    I finally resolved this issue, the problem is happening when you are using a proxy server, if you go to tools--> Internet Options --> Connections -->Lan settings and disable the proxy server then the back button in the browser works fine, even though OTM Suport says they do not suport use of the back button ;-)


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      Re: The Page can not be displayed in OTM55 CU2


      Good to know! Just FYI - I (and many G-Log clients) have used the back button for years and so far haven't broken anything :P