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Otm 55 Cu5 Installation On Aix

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  • Otm 55 Cu5 Installation On Aix

    Dear All,

    Have anyone tried installing OTM 5.5 CU5 AIX platform. Weblogic is the application server. If so, what is pre-cautions to be taken. If you have faced any issues during installation, what are resolutions for those.

    Any pointers on this would be of great help.


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    Re: Otm 55 Cu5 Installation On Aix

    Yes, OTM installs on AIX with WebLogic. I haven't run the CU05 installer on this platform, but have installed previous versions of OTM v5.5 without issue.

    As a note - AIX is the worst platform to run OTM on. The hardware is great and the OS is good, but the version of Java (IBM JDK) doesn't work well with a large complex app like OTM. We have a couple of clients who use it and another who is migrating away from it for performance and reliability reasons.

    If there's an option to explore other platforms (particularly Linux), I would encourage it.