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  • Installation


    I have installed otm 5.5 cu on a virtual machine, I have made a copy of it. Now for another customer I want to use this copy. Can I only change the ip and some configuration files? Or should I install otm again?


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    Re: Installation

    First it is not recommended that you run OTM in a virtual machine. It has been quite some time since we last tested it out but it has not improved significantly to the point that you can use this enterprise application on a virtual machine. Plus I believe that the JVM has some issues in a virtual machine. Think of it this way, you wouldn't run your Exchange server on a Virtual machine, nor should you run OTM on it.

    With that being said, there are quite a few configuration files you need to change. I would do a grep for the dns server name and IP within the entire OTM directory to make sure you get most of the files. Sometimes it is just quicker to reinstall then trying to debug where you may have missed a config file.
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      Re: Installation

      Please see step by step instructions for OTM cloning. However, it was done on OTM version 6.2 but thought may be helpful. Please follow thsi URL on my BLOG: OTM 6.2