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OTM 5.5.4 DMZ Setup

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  • OTM 5.5.4 DMZ Setup

    Hi Team

    We had a below architecture of OTM

    DB Tier: Server A

    Intranet Middle Tiers (Private MTs)
    Server B -- It have Web, Apps and Reports server installed
    Server C -- It have Web and Apps server installed
    url - URL1

    Internet Middle Tiers (Public MTs)
    Server D -- It have only Web server installed
    Server E -- It have only Web server installed

    url - URL2 file of server D and E have appserver pointing to server B
    and report server as server B

    While submitting a report from public domain using URL2 the report is submitted but the link
    to view is returned in the email notification as URL1, because which the reports are not able to
    be viewed by internet users.

    Is there any other way to setup internet facing OTM web server
    and use 2 different urls (one for internal and other for internet users)

    Is there any document to refer for DMZ setup.

    Any information on DMZ setup would help.

    Kindly assist.


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    Re: OTM 5.5.4 DMZ Setup

    Can we do a reverse proxy setup for DMZ .

    An apache running on a public server which would route the requests
    to the private Mid tier zone.

    Has anyone tried this ?


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      Re: OTM 5.5.4 DMZ Setup

      You can use OTM with a reverse-proxy -- though the RP would still need to route all requests to an OTM web server, and not directly to the OTM App tier. For details, download the OTM Administration Guide and see the section: "Enabling Reverse-Proxy Support".