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OTM 5.5 and Active Directory

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  • OTM 5.5 and Active Directory

    Hello everyone,

    We are trying to set up Single Sign-on in OTM with Active Directory (LDAP).

    We know we can bypass the login screen activating SSO in and sending the credential in the URL of OTM (Example:<nickname>.......).

    But the questions are: it is possible to integrate OTM and Active Directory directly? Is it possible that OTM make a request to Active Directory in order to know if the user is allowed to log on in the system? Can we link OTM and Active Directory in any way?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: OTM 5.5 and Active Directory

    OTM does support LDAP authentication (check the Admin Guide), but it leaves a lot to be desired and you'll need to create the users in both OTM and the LDAP directory (in this case Active Directory) and then synchronize the passwords between the two. You'll also still need a custom field to store the OTM username, since the format will be different from your AD username.

    The current OTM SSO integration won't work directly with Active Directory either - you'll need some type of SSO application to act as the intermediary. I think you'll find that the SSO route is cleaner, even though it requires a separate SSO app.