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    I am migrating from OTM 5.0 on Windows to Linux. Everything is working fine with one exception we have some custom Stylesheets that OTM seems unable to reference correctly. When these were originally created under the Windows environment the path referencing them used the Windows standard “\” convention in the file name. Thinking that this was the source of the error I changed these references to UNIX standard pathing (using “/”) however I am still getting the error. The ownership and permissions on these files is identical to the standard stylesheets and does not appear to be the issue. I suspect that the error “” is a non-sequitur and is not indicating the true problem. I say this because if the stylesheet is copied to both the glog/integration/client/xsl directory and the apache/htdocs/xsl/workflow directory the error shows up twice (once for each path) but if the stylesheet is actually removed from one of the directories only the directory that actually contains the stylesheet shows up as in error. So the file is not found only in the directory in which it actually exists!

    The errors from the console.log look like this

    INFO | jvm 1 | 2007/08/21 18:52:04 | /u01/app/otm50prod/apache/htdocs/xsl/u01/app/otm50prod/glog/integration/client/xsl/public_plannedshipment.xsl: No such file or directory

    INFO | jvm 1 | 2007/08/21 15:03:55 | /u01/app/otm50prod/apache/htdocs/xsl/workflow/OutboundASN3.xsl: No such file or directory

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Re: on Stylesheets


    I've seen similar errors at a couple of clients, though I'm not able to explain exactly why it's happening. In order to resolve, I've done the following:
    • Ensure that your file descriptor limits are high enough, using "ulimit -a". I doubt this is it, but always worth a try.
    • Ensure the file permissions and ownership of each directory underneath the referenced file are correct - recursively, up to root ("/").
    • The FileNotFound can apply to the named file, but also sometimes (incorrectly) applies to a file that either references or is referenced within the named file. In order to troubleshoot this:
      • Change the xsl include statements in each (the named file, any file that references it, and any file the named file references --- wow, say that 3 times fast) to an absolute path. So instead of workflow/file.xsl, it would be /opt/otm50/apache/htdocs/xsl/workflow/file.xsl
    I also saw similar behavior within the OTM / GC3 QA environments during various releases. i think this may be a well hidden code issue that we never resolved.

    Hope this helps.



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      Re: on Stylesheets

      Thank you Chris, after your post I investigated further and found that the stylesheet itself is in fact referencing the GLogXML.xsd using a Windows style path. Which is pretty much what you described as a possibility. This all seems vaguely familiar now, I may have encountered this once before.... Thanks for the help.

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