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How do you run installer in GUI or console mode?

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  • How do you run installer in GUI or console mode?

    By default, the installer will attempt to run in GUI mode on all platforms. If you are running on Unix, you need to ensure that you have an XServer available, that the permissions are setup to allow connectivity and that you've set the DISPLAY variable on the server you're installing OTM / GC3 onto.

    In order to open up connectivity to XWindows, you usually just need to login as root and run the following command from a console. This will remain in effect until that root session is logged out.

    xhost +
    In order to set your DISPLAY variable, you just need to run the following. Note that can also be localhost if you're running the installer from a local XWindows terminal.

    If you neglect to set your DISPLAY variable, you'll see an error like:

    Invocation of this Java Application has caused an InvocationTargetException. This application will now exit. (LAX)
    Stack Trace:
    No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it.
    If you are running the installer on any of the Unix platforms (AIX, HP-UX, Linux or Solaris) - you can chose to run in console mode. This is great for remote servers, where you don't have XWindows access. To do this, just run the installer and give it the "-i console" option. For instance:

    ./gc3v50GA2_linux.bin -i console
    Unfortunately, if you are running the installer on Windows, the only option you have is the GUI installer. There's nothing wrong with this - it's just a limitation of the platform.

    There are rumors of a possible silent-install mode coming out post v5.5, which will allow you to populate a text file with the answers the installer needs and then run it without user intervention. This will be a fantastic option for large scalability (multiple serves per tier) installations and anyone who is tired of running through all of the install screens each time (me!)

    Hope this helps!