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OTM 5.5.3 Installation

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  • OTM 5.5.3 Installation

    Hi all ,

    I am going to install the OTM 5.5.3 version instances on a windows server, so can u folks give the tips, hits and if u faced any error please give me the error details and the solution also.

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    Re: OTM 5.5.3 Installation

    We had a lot of issues surrounding response time for our 5.5.2 installation when we first went live with it on Windows. We were running on a good size hardware installation, that was not underpowered, but we kept being told that we should allocate more memory to OTM by Support. We were already allocating the max that windows allows, and so were considering moving the installation over to a linux box, even though we didn't have any in house linux experience. Eventually we were able to bring our issues under control for the most part by cutting down our OUT XML profiles. We were also told that we should turn off most of the logging on our system and just leave on what we need.


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      Re: OTM 5.5.3 Installation


      That's a great point. Windows is a great platform for OTM, in order to get up-and-running quickly and for fast computational processing (it uses the JRockit JDK), but the inability to create Java heaps larger than 1.2 to 1.4GB greatly reduces the scalability of the system.

      If you have even light Linux experience, I'd recommend trying it out. The performance has been greater than any other platform -- in fact it's all we use within our OTM Hosting environment.



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        Re: OTM 5.5.3 Installation

        We actually have no linux experience at all. At the time it was getting bad enough that we had one of our lead domain admins install a red hat linux environment so that he could start playing around in it. After we changed the out xml profile, the message from our management team was that the response time issue was resolved... our users aren't always as convinced.