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Problem launching OTM after installation

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  • Problem launching OTM after installation

    Hi All,
    We have successfully installed the OTM 5.5.03 on a server running on Windows NT Operating System. All the prerequisite softwares are installed. But we are unable to find the URL that we need to use to launch the OTM. We could not find the exact URL that should be used to get the login page in the web browser. We looked in glog properties file for the same but with no success.

    When I log in through http://<hostname>/,the page directs to Oracle Application server (forms and report services) in place OTM Login page.

    Can you please suggest what should we do?

    Any help is highly appreciated

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    Re: Problem launching OTM after installation

    Assuming you ran a standard installation, the URL for OTM should simply be http://<otm_web_hostname>/. My guess is that you installed Oracle reports first (or at least while OTM was down) and it has assumed the same port that OTM wants to use. To test this, first shutdown all Oracle Reports services, then restart all OTM services and see if you can access your instance. Make sure you wait until the WebLogic (or OAS) service is fully up (takes 2-10 minutes) before starting Tomcat and then Apache.

    In order to verify your OTM installation answers, see the following:

    To install Oracle Reports and force port binding:

    Hope this helps.