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Common pitfalls installing OTM 5.5

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  • Common pitfalls installing OTM 5.5

    Hi all,

    Just want to see what we should expect for our first installation of OTM 5.5, what are the things we should lookout for. By the way, we're installing OTM on a Linux platform, thanks!

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    Re: Common pitfalls installing OTM 5.5


    Take good notes prior to and during the installation. Remember what you enter in as configurations. Especially if you are installing on tiered environment. Also the defaults are good, but if you change them make sure you write it down.

    Review the documentation first. It is good, but not organized well. Make sure you have gone through the installation you intend to use first.

    Make sure you have all your ip address know as well as machine names. I have a check list a little dated, but I can share it will you if you'd like it, just send me an e-mail via this site. Setup the Oracle DB stuff first and write the information down.

    I just did a 5.5 CU3 install and the create tables space script still has a size issue. I'm not sure if anyone else has run into this, but this was a bug last year and seems not to be repaired. Therefore, the import fails and that drives you nuts (at least it does me). By practice now I alway alert the INDX01.dbf file to be maxsize of 4000M and autoextend on.

    Don't forget to run the dbpatch_55.sql at the end of the DB setup.

    If you think you made a mistake or did, don't panic it's not that hard to recover. The folks and the board are very good at helping out.

    Good Luck,


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      Re: Common pitfalls installing OTM 5.5

      John gives some very good advice. I tend to create my tablespaces by hand, but his comment is exactly right - ensure that you increase the size of the INDX tablespace.

      Also, be prepared to install OTM a few times, if you're just starting out. Each time will get easier, as you learn from the prior installs. If you're very experienced, but new to OTM, I'd set aside a week for your first install. If you're a junior SysAdmin and/or DBA, then I'd set aside 2 weeks.