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EBS Forms/Reports Server be re-used for OTM

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  • EBS Forms/Reports Server be re-used for OTM

    I am new to OTM and with little experience on DBA side, so my question may be very basic, but pls bear with me.

    We are test installing OTM on one of our Linux x86 server. Since it is a test installation for our internal learnings, we are installing DB, Reports Server and Oracle Application Server on same linux m/c. The linux m/c has Red Hat AS/ES 4.0 with abt 8 GB RAM and 180 GB harddisk. The linux box also has Oracle Apps E-Business Suite R12 running on it fine. As OTM requires its own DB, so we installed another DB for OTM on this server which went through fine. I have the following questions:

    1. Oracle EBS has its own forms and reports Apps Server. Can I reuse the Oracle Apps' Reports Server to run the OTM reports, i.e. can I configure OTM to use the Oracle Apps Server

    2. I tried a seperate installation of Oracle Application Server 10gR2 ( Forms and Reports Services on the linux box and got the following error:

    ORACLE_HOME/dcm/logs to determine why DCM was unsuccessful in updating
    the configuration files on disk. Some possible causes are:
    * permissions on files
    * file contention issues on Windows NT
    * internal Oracle error

    After resolving the problem that prevented DCM from updating the configuration
    files, you may use the dcmctl resyncInstance command to resolve the problem.
    Alternatively, you can stop and then restart the active dcmctl or EMD
    process and resyncInstance will automatically be performed.

    Base Exception:
    Address already in use Address already in use
    at Method)
    at :331)
    at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.clustermanagement.OpmnAgent.ope nOEMSSession(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.clustermanagement.OpmnAgent.ope nOEMSSession(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.clustermanagement.OpmnAgent.sen dHTTPRequest(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.clustermanagement.OpmnAgent.get OpmnProcStatus(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.clustermanagement.OpmnAgent.get ProcessStatus(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.clustermanagement.OpmnAgent.get ComponentProcessStatus(Unknown Source)

    During installation, I gave a different set of ports to be used by reports server (and not the default) and ensured that those ports are available. Any idea what could be the issue.


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    Re: EBS Forms/Reports Server be re-used for OTM

    Hi Namit,

    Having OTM reports, OTM app/web and database running on the same machine, I wouldn't recommend a machine lower than 12GB to have it perform well. You are looking at 3GB for Weblogic (2.4 heap + overhead) 1.8 GB for tomcat (1.5 heap + overhead) 2GB for Reports and 3GB for the database. Plus you also want to have running EBS 12. 16GB wouldn't be enough to run this. Putting all of these applications on one machine is just asking for trouble. You're going to need to look at all log files to try to figure what ports are conflicting as most Oracle installers are not intelligent enough to detect what ports are in use.

    I once had to install Oracle Reports, BPEL and a 10g DB on the same machine and had one heck of a time to all OAS installs to play nice. I hope I will never have to do it again as it took too much time to debug.
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      Re: EBS Forms/Reports Server be re-used for OTM


      Follow up on our issue -

      We were able to install OTM on the same server as EBS. The only issue we had was we could not install Reports Server on the same linux m/c. From Oracle support, we got the info that Reports server cannot run in parallel with OAS as it leads to port conflicts. If using BEA weblogic, even reports server can be installed. This installation has only been done for lab setup with 6-7 users and hence performance was not a critical aspect for us.

      To give a brief, ours is a 8GB RAM linux box (with another 8GB Swap) which had EBS running. When starting our OTM installation, the EBS and other linux processes were almost hogging abt 7 GB RAM. We were able to install the DB and bring up OTM (without Reports server and without FUsion Intelligence) fine. Presently our functional team is working on the application and as yet have not found any performance issues. Also checking memory stats, not much of swap is being used as yet.


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        Re: EBS Forms/Reports Server be re-used for OTM

        Well like I said in my original reply, you can install the DB, Reports and EBS on the same machine but it is a pain to configure and shouldn't be attempted as you will be spending lots of time finding the port conflicts. I had to install it on two test servers and spent a good deal of time afterwards fixing all of the port conflicts.

        Starting up OTM does not represent the amount of memory the application will use when running real time loads against it. The JVMs will grow and so will the database memory. Your 7GB at startup may eventually go to 10GB and swapping out to disk 2GB will be a performance hit.

        A lot of people don't realize how complex this application really is until they hit a wall when performance tanks. Spend the money now and get more memory or end up paying for it down the road when you waste a week debugging your performance issues.
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