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OTM SAP Interface for Orders

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  • OTM SAP Interface for Orders

    Hi Friends,

    I need some information about the SAP-OTM interfaces for the Sales Orders and Purchase Orders. The orders will be sent from SAP to OTM and a feedback with the BNG (may be some more data) is needed from OTM to SAP. The interface needs to transfer new orders, changes and deletions. XML files will be used for communication. SAP XI will take care of transmission.
    Anyone has any experience/documents please share. Also need to make sure which of the Interfaces/XML profiles should be used like TransOrder/OBShipunit/OBLine...
    If someone has the XML templates, or XSD files and any explaination on it, that would be great help.
    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: OTM SAP Interface for Orders

    orders are sent to OTM using the transorder interface which you will get in the Glogxml.xsd file in the OTM directory in your server where it is installed. So the transorder xsd is your interface.all the fields in the transorder xsd must be mapped witht he order field in SAP. Then next after mapping you need to invoke the WM servlet which will parse your data into OTM as an inbound transmission.
    hope that helps.
    See the integration guide for more detailed description of the interfaces.